Have the need to bend .5” OD or how about 3” OD tubing? The Model 54 Tube Bender is great for the racing industry, boating, hand rails, and most fabrications. This bender can bend a broad spectrum of sizes.

Bender Features and Capabilities: 

  • Machine includes: Bender, Stand, Pump, Cylinder, and target set feature.
  • Up to 3” OD x .120” wall or 2” OD x .250 wall.

            Note: Our size and wall thickness recommendations are based off mild steel. Other material such as DOM, Stainless Steel, and Aluminum may be different.

  • Up to 1.5” OD solid.
  • Die Sets – Model 50 Series dies sold separately.The CLR is sized on the inch and half inch.
  • Supports up to a 12.5” center line radius.
  • The indexing wheel and engraved twin rails allow you to determine the bend position once for a die set and use that setting for the life of the bender.
  • 1 shot 90 degree bend in approximately 18 seconds and 2 shot 180 degree bend
  • Options in cylinder size: 2" which allows you to achieve up to a 2" OD .120 wall in 8-10 seconds and a 3" cylinder to bend up to 3" OD tubing at .120 wall in 16-18 seconds.
  • Quick release toggle lever allows for easy removal of tubing.
  • Computer readout of degrees to the .1 degree.
  • 1 ½ H.P. 3,000 PSI Electronic / Hydraulic Pump
  • Set Target Feature allows the user to set the degrees desired on the digital readout and the hydraulic unit will automatically stop the bend within 2/10 of a degree.
  • Model 54 Stand Includes(Weighs 160 lbs.): Built in shelves for pump and tools, Two 1,200 lb. casters for longevity, and Leveling bolts