Includes a license of the software, CD case, Bend-Tech PRO CD, and activation codes.  [works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10]

Bend-Tech PRO is designed for the hobbyist or race shop environment. The software contains innovative tools for calculating tube lengths, bend locations, rotations, and angles. Several part design interfaces are available in Bend-Tech PRO, including an easy to use assembly interface.The assembly interface will help to visualize the entire project, providing cutting instructions, and hole saw information for cutting the tube intersections.


Countless hours were spent observing and asking our customers questions on how they would like to see Bend-Tech PRO work. Customers wanted the power of a standard CAD system but didn't want the learning curve and frustration that comes with it.  The layers of standard CAD thinking were peeled back and an interface was created which is logical for the fabricators themselves. Most customers are fully comfortable with assembly design in less than 2 hours. Again don't let the learning curve fool you, customers are designing entire tube chassis the first night they sit down with the software.


PRO Highlights


Bend-Tech PRO includes all the features of Bend-Tech EZ and EZ-3D (including the Template, Sketch 2D, Sketch 3D, Harpoon and Custom Part designers; along with simulation and portability between designers)


Full 3D assembly design:

Bend-Tech PRO provides an easy to use assembly interface to design and assemble tube parts in full 3D space.  Fabricators slide into Bend-Tech PRO's coordinate system with ease (front, back, floor, ceiling, left and right). The ability to define tubes by connecting points in 3D space or by using the designers is built into the assembly interface.Adjusting tube sizes, part locations and line-ups are just a click away.


Bending instructions:

Die libraries for our benders are built into the Bend-Tech software.  If a fabricator finds their tube or pipe bending a little different from our defaults, a simple calibration wizard is used to walk through a calibration process to find the stretch growth and the true bending performance from the die.Bend-Tech will show a part's cut length, bend locations, rotations and bend angles.  Simply pull a tape measure from one end of the tube and the bending instructions will give you the locations to mark for each bend.  Spring back data can also be stored in Bend-Tech and then used in manufacturing or in calculating spring back bending angles.


Hole saw instructions:

After defining a project in assembly, hole saw information is available to cut out the cope, saddle or fish-mouth at the end of the tubes.  For those deep or complicated cuts, a paper cutting wrapper is available to print out to scale and wrap around the tube to scribe your cut line.


Assembly dimensioning:

Bend-Tech PRO provides 2D and 3D dimensioning of your assembly project.  This will provide you the values you need to align the parts for welding and spacing.