Bend-Tech EZ 3D

Part Number 325907

Includes a license of the software, CD case, Bend-Tech EZ CD, and activation codes.  [works with Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 8.1, & 10]


Bend-Tech EZ-3D is designed for hobbyists who have only a few parts they need to manufacture.Bend-Tech EZ-3D is full 3D and provides the correct rotations between bends on complicated 3D parts.  Do not confuse EZ-3D with the Assembly design that is available in Bend-Tech PRO. EZ-3D will allow one piece of tube to be designed at a time.  Bend-Tech EZ-3D provides additional 3D designers to quickly define the parts in a bending project.  The bending simulation feature introduced in Bend-Tech EZ-3D shows an animated process of the tube going through your die.It also provides the ability to bend your part in any order and from either end of the part.



EZ-3D Highlights:


Bend-Tech EZ-3D includes all the features of Bend-Tech EZ(including the Template, Sketch 2D, Custom Part designers, and bend information).


Custom 3D-Bend-Tech EZ-3D's custom 3D designer uses spacial directions (front, back,floor, ceiling, left and right).  Start on one end of the tube and proceed to each bend providing the direction and length for each section of tubing. The designer then finds your bend angles and rotations.  Of course, the cut length and bend locations are calculated for any designer.


Sketch 3D-  Sketch 3D is a great way to design simple 3D parts quickly and easily.  In 3D space,pick the locations from a grid to define the part, switch working planes by picking the plane discs on the screen and continue sketching.  When you are finished sketching, use the entry panel and provide the numbers for the lengths, angles and rotations of the tube.


Harpoon Designer-  The harpoon designer is uniquely designed for parts that are a little more complicated.Pulling the ends of the harpoon with your cursor you can project out your bend location in 3D space and like in Custom 3D, it will calculate your bend angles and rotations.


Bending instructions-Die libraries for JD2 benders are built into the Bend-Tech software.  If a customer finds their tube or pipe bending specifications a little different from our defaults, a simple wizard can be used to walk them through a calibrating process to find the stretch growth and the true bending performance from the customer's die.  Bend-Tech will show your part's cut length,bend locations, rotations and bend angles.Simply pull a tape measure from one end of the tube and the bending instructions will give you the locations to mark for each bend.


Simulation with bend order manipulation- Bend-Tech EZ-3D introduces a simple simulator that shows and animated process of your tube being fabricated through your die.  You can get a visual of how the tube rotate sand bends providing a link between the provided bending instructions and the bending process in your JD2 bender.  A customer can bend a tube in any bend order and flip the tube from end to end at any time.