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Model 3 Bender

Model 3 Bender

Model 3 Bender

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# 1 selling bender in the USA to racecar fabricators.

The Model 3 Bender is designed for the professional fabricator who requires a dependable, accurate and affordable tube and pipe bender.

Tube Capacity 1/2" to 2" diameter.

RUGGED ALL STEEL CONSTRUCTION - Designed with durability and affordability in mind. All parts are 100% CNC machined. All links are machined from 1/2" thick steel and zinc phosphate plated for corrosion resistance. Fast change bending dies are CNC machined from solid steel billets and carry a lifetime guarantee against breakage. Steel dies eliminate the problems common with other manufacturers' aluminum dies, such as breakage and groove spreading when bending 4130 chromemoly tubing.

LARGE CAPACITY - Bends round tubing and pipe from 1/2" to 2" O.D. and square tubing from 1/2" to 1-1/2". *DIE SETS NOT INCLUDED*

AFFORDABLE - At only $310, the Model 3 has been designed to be the ultimate in low cost bending.

EASY OPERATION - The Model 3 uses a high-ratio ratchet mechanism to allow you to bend larger tubing sizes comfortably without assistance. For example, the average operator can bend 1 3/4" x .095" wall round mild steel tubing with one hand and 1" x .065" wall tubing with ONE finger. Dies can be changed in under 30 seconds. Bend times are typically in the 30-60 second range for 1" O.D. and above tubing using the ratchet mechanism. Hydraulics may be slightly slower or faster depending on the power unit chosen.

HIGHLY ACCURATE - With the degree indicator wheel standard on every new Model 3, accurate bending is simply a matter of watching the pointer until the degree of bend you desire is reached. High contrast yellow markings on a black wheel provide excellent readability while bending.

36" TELESCOPING HANDLE - Included free with bender. The new design has twice the bearing area of the old style for longer life and provides ample leverage for tube sizes up to 1 3/4".However, if more leverage is desired for tougher to bend applications, you now can simply obtain a longer piece of standard 1" schedule 40 pipe and insert it into the ratchet lever. Comes standard with a pull pin so the handle may be retracted out of the way when not in use saving valuable floor space.

GENERATION 3 FOLLOW BARS - Redesigned in 2009, they are half the weight of the older style and utilize bolt-on inserts that are on average 243% stronger. Insert pads are machined to within 1/1000th of a degree to the theoretically perfect angle for optimum bend quality. Inserts are made from a non- galling bearing material to prevent scratching of expensive material. Delrin inserts are also available for use with polished aluminum. A roll pin holds the follow bar in position while loading tubing. With over 600 hours in R&D and tooling preparation, we are confident these are the best die sets on the market today.

Model 3 Bender Testimonials:

The guys at Popular Hot Rodding Magazine mentioned us in their article "1968 Road Runner Rollcage Fabrication - Tubular Design: How to Build a Killer Rollcage in Your Garage" Read here to see what they said about our Model 3 Bender and TN-100 Notcher - Popular Hot Rodding Article. Thanks guys! We appreciate it!

I have a small part time fab shop setup in my home garage. I build custom made to order motorcycle frames and was in need of an accurate and reliable bender. I found the model 3 and was a little skeptical at first but for the price I figured that I really couldn't go to far wrong. I ordered the bender with the degree ring, handle and dies for my most commonly used tube. Upon receiving the bender it was obvious this was a very nicely made serious pc. of equipment! I immediately assembled the machine and began a few practice bends. I was extremely happy with the bend results!! Very accurate and very easy to repeat multiple bends. This bender has cut a huge amount of time from the overall fab time of my frames. For anyone in doubt, this is a very serious machine! For the price this machine really cannot be beat. I purchased the manual bending handle due to my tight budget and can say that it really allows very precise and full control of each bend AND to my suprise, with very little effort. Overall I'm a very happy customer!! ...I want to point out that there were "0" wasted bends during the fab process!! This thing is that controlable and accurate! Anyway thanks for a great product! -- Bill, Milan, IL

Price: $310.00 


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