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MAD Series Plasma Tables

MAD Series Plasma Tables

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MAD Main Photo
4x4 Price 4x8 Price 5x10 Price

MAD Series CNC Plasma Table

JD Squared continues their mission to provide the most robust equipment at an affordable price by introducing the MAD Series CNC Plasma Table. This beast of a table has been meticulously designed to provide the highest quality construction and components, competing with machines well above it's price point.

MAD Series CNC Plasma Specifications Summary

Available Table Sizes
4' x 4', 4' x 8', 5' x 10'
Maximum plate thickness
X Axis Travel
Y Axis Travel
4' x 4' - 52"
4' x 8' - 100"
5' x 10' - 124"
Z Axis Travel
Approximate Weight
4' x 4' - 1350lbs
4' x 8' - 2000lbs
5' x 10' - 2900lbs
Rapid Speeds
1000+ IPM
Brushless servo on all axes
Machine Power Requirements
190-250 VAC, 1PH, 50/60Hz, 11A
User PC Power Requirements
100-240VAC, 1PH, 50/60Hz, 3A. Supplied with 115VAC U.S. plugs.
Plasma compatibility
The MAD Series requires a machine controllable plasma power unit, which is basically a way to turn the torch on and off automatically. A Begin Traverse, also known as Arc Okay, signal is accepted but not required for operation. If you're not sure if your existing plasma power supply is compatible, contact a sales representative and we'll look into it.
Table Options
The MAD Series can be supplied with a standard table, or a dedicated water table constructed from 12Ga (0.1") stainless steel at no additional cost.

Mad Series CNC Plasma Table Videos

A Solid Foundation

Base photo

Built tough. Inside and out.

All tables are a welded box structure made from 3/16" steel plate with underside reinforcement. Go ahead, cut up to 2" thick steel.

Base leg photo

Easy to put in place.

Sturdy 4" x 3" x 1/4" wall steel legs, underside reinforcement, and adjustable leveling pads allow for easy moving and setup. Just pick it up with a forklift, and then lock it down with the included locating plates.

Adjustable slats close

Flexible slat height.

Vertical slat adjusters raise the support slats for easy loading, or lower them for use with water.

Straight slats photo Curved slats photo

Choose your curve.

Selectable slat curvature. Choose straight to easily slide material onto the table, or pick Half Arc or Full Arc to support small parts and lighter material.

H.O.L.E.S. photo

Easy to clean or convertible to water table.

Slide a bucket under the table and push out slag through the Handy Outlet for Litter Extraction System (H.O.L.E.S.), or weld along the premasked seams and seal the H.O.L.E.S. to have a water table. JD Squared can provide the table prewelded, contact a sales representative for pricing information.

Down draft photo

Optional down-draft air boxes.

The down draft air boxes attach to the H.O.L.E.S. and provide a 6" outlet to connect to an air handling system. Easy access sliding doors make cleanup simple. Additional $200 per box.

V-Groove photo Rack photo

Y-Beams. Strong and Precise.

All steel construction begins with a 4" x 3" x 1/4" wall box tube weldment. Precision machining guarantees parallelism of the V-Groove supporting the alloy steel rail and the 3/4" face width gear rack.

Gantry from the Bottom Up

Y Carriage overview

Y Carriages - Feature rich construction.

An all steel weldment is precision machined to ensure perpendicularity. Twin bearing blocks on 20mm rods ensure proper pinion gear to gear rack engagement.

Roller Profile photo

Robust against dirt.

Rollers use 8900lb capacity sealed dual-row radial ball bearings to carry their share of the 300lb gantry. Intelligent roller profile contacts the rails near the edges rather than the center where dust collects, offering a drastic reduction in maintenance compared to an uncovered linear guide in a dirty environment.

Gantry photo Gantry feet photo Gantry groove and rack

All aluminum cross beam.

An all aluminum weldment is precision machined to ensure proper alignment of feet, roller guides, and gear rack. The painstaking machining process ensures precision and longevity in operation.

The X and Z Axes

X carriage iso

X Carriage - Robust against dirt.

Precision machining and grinding are combined to create a flexible X-Axis Carriage. It utilizes quad profiled roller bearings for alignment, and the same quality dual 20mm ground rods with block bearings to engage the pinion gear to the gear rack. Round rails reduce maintenance compared to an uncovered linear guide in a dirty environment without sacrificing precision.

X carriage plate photo

Universal. Ready for plasma.

The face plate of the X-Axis Carriage is universal to accept many types of tools. By default, it is configured with two magnetic docking stations, and a Z-Axis unit plasma ready.

Z Axis no cover Z axis switch

Z Axis - Protection built in.

The Z-Axis rides on a 25mm linear guide behind protective covers. It includes magnetic torch break-away with automated sensing, and dual probing methods: ohmic contact, and floating head for when electrical contact cannot be sensed.

Strong, Smart, and Friendly

Motor photo

Brushless servo motors. Everywhere.

All axes are driven using high quality brushless servo motors to get the speed we desire: 1000+ I.P.M. rapids. Application specific motor power supplies keep the machine running all day.

Control photo

Hardened machine control.

Custom robust control electronics are reinforced, and isolated to protect sensitive circuits from damaging currents. Since we build it, obsolescence isn't a problem.

THC photo

Automatic Torch Height Control.

Yes, it's included. The custom ATHC is capable of measuring one of three selectable voltage ranges, 0-10V, 0-20V or 0-300V, giving us the flexibility to interface with most plasma power units.

PC photo

User Interface Computer.

Don't worry about sourcing or picking a computer that is compatible with the MAD series. We've already included the PC for the user interface.

Software Videos

Check out more on our YouTube channel

For Technical Questions, See our Support Website