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Current lead times:

Die Sets not in stock (2 Weeks).
Model 3 Bender (In Stock).
Model 32 Bender Manual (1-2 Weeks).
Model 32 Bender Hydraulic (In Stock).
Model 4 Bender (In Stock).
Notch Master  (In Stock).
TN 100 Notcher (In Stock).
Beast Notcher (In Stock).
Electric Hydraulic Pump (1-2 Week).
Air Hydraulic Pump (In Stock).
Hydraulic Cylinders (In Stock).
Model 54 Bender is (5 Weeks).
Dr. Jig Chassis Jig (2 Weeks)

Please be aware that we may ship items in multiple shipments in order to get them to you as fast as possible. If you need anything faster than our current posted lead times, please contact customer service at 423-979-0309 and they may be able to assist you with rushing your order. 

Hours of Operation
M-F 9:00am to 5:00pm EST

For General Sales and Technical Support:
Phone: (423)979-0309 Option 1

For MAD CNC Plasma Sales:
Phone: (423)979-0309 Ext. 8018

For MAD CNC Plasma Technical Support:
Phone: (423)979-0309 Ext. 8080

For Billing and Invoices:
Phone: (423)979-0309 Ext. 8307

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The home of JD Squared, Inc. in beautiful Johnson City, Tennessee. 



34 Years of JD Squared, Inc.
In 1982, Bob Hughes was in the market to buy or rent a tubing bender, but there was nothing affordable for a guy just trying to gut and re-build a car in his spare time. And so Bob thought, “ I could build one – how hard could it be?” He designed the Model 1 Bender and went into business as a one-man-show running Hughes Performance Engineering in Ft. Lauderdale, FL.

Several years later, in 1988, he redesigned his tubing bender and released the Model 2. The Model 3 went into development almost immediately after and was released in 1990. Around that same time Hughes Engineering moved a little north to Ocala, FL and shortly after was renamed JD Squared, Inc. for Bob's three children, Jaimee, Devin and Demi. To this day, the Model 3 remains a number one seller. However, we still have customers calling who need a new die for their Model 1 and no matter what we offer to upgrade them to a newer style, they love their bender and would not trade it for anything. We love what that says about our products.

34 years, 9 benders, 3 notchers horizontal press, chassis jig, 3 CNC plasma table later, Bob is still saying “How hard could it be?” and coming up with new ways to provide hobbyists and businesses alike with affordable products that are normally out of reach for them. JD Squared, Inc. has become known around the globe for selling high-quality, affordable tubing benders and notchers. Although Bob has now moved on to creating computer-controlled presses and it is no longer a one-man-show, JD Squared, Inc. is still a small family business who can proudly display Made in the USA on every product.