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Model 3 Bender (In Stock).
Model 32 Bender Manual (1-2 Weeks).
Model 32 Bender Hydraulic (In Stock).
Model 4 Bender (In Stock).
Notch Master  (In Stock).
TN 100 Notcher (In Stock).
Beast Notcher (In Stock).
Electric Hydraulic Pump (1-2 Week).
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Model 54 Bender is (5 Weeks).
Dr. Jig Chassis Jig (2 Weeks)

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Dr. Jig

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Dr. Jig

The Dr. Jig Dual Rail Chassis Jig


Factory Direct Introductory Price - $1,795

Includes Basic Tooling Package at no additional cost!

The Dr. Jig is manufactured to be rugged and functional. Basic Bracket Package includes 6 Pivot Brackets, 6 Small Bridge Brackets, 6 Riser plates, and 16 spacers. Optional accessories are available for you to customize your Dr. Jig to your specific needs. The dual rail design creates a T-Slot which allows accessories to be easily added or removed on a whim.

Dimensions: 5' x 12' 

Weight Capacity: 6,000 lbs.

Dr. Jig's shipping weight: 1010 lbs.

Basic Bracket Package (Included with Dr.Jig):

*Also includes 16 Spacers.

*Hardware and Unistrut not included.

Available Options:

Rear End Threaded V Mount Set - $150

Pivot Bracket - $17.50 Each

Small Hole Risor Plate - $17.50 Each

Large Hole Risor Plate - $17.50 Each

Small Bridge Bracket - $17.50 Each

Large Bridge Bracket - $17.50 Each

Square Bridge Bracket - $17.50 Each

Rear End Threaded V Mount Set Includes:

*Hardware and Unistrut not included.

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