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The Beast Notcher

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The Beast Notcher

The Beast Notcher

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The Beast is the ultimate in hole saw tube notching. Able to easily handle straight notches, offset notches, angled notches, and notches in bends. The weight of the Beast Notcher is 50 lbs. This helps with the chatter and saves longer on the hole saws. 

* Capacity of 3/4" to 3" OD
* Straight, Angle, and Offset Notching
* Offset notch up to half the tube diameter.
* Angles up to 50°
* 1" Ground & Polished Stainless Steel Shaft
* Double sealed needle bearings.
* 2 clamps to allow you to notch on a bend.
* Requires an ordinary 1/2" hand drill.

The Beast Notcher Testimonials:

Over the years, I've bought enough tube notchers to make an anchor for a very large boat. The Beast is the first that lives up to expectations. And it goes beyond that! It shipped on time, is heavily built - almost over-built - goes together well, and makes accurate cuts the first time, every time. The balance of energy built into the design means that once a cut is set, ther is no wandering or shifting. The Beast makes everything stay put right where it is set, so what you see is what you get. The unique design feature of being able to notch in the middle of a curve is worth the price all by itself. I don't know of another notching jig that can do that, or is so well-made. It eliminates tedious mill set-ups in prototyping, cuts scrap completely out (used carefully) and is easier than a heavy mill on the hole saws. The most impressive reccommendation is that it made our shop foreman happy, and the constant complaints about prototypes from the welding department has ceased! The Beast is reasonably priced, given all it can do. No reservations - this one is five stars all the way around.-- Tracy, Port Clinton, OH

The name says it all. The BEAST is a true work of art. So simple and soaccurate. Worth every dollar. Dont buy a 200 dollar hole saw. Spend the extra money on this one. - Eric M.

Price: $499.00 


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