Model 4 Tube Bender

Part Number Model 4 Bender

Awesome power!

Bends round tubing from 1/2" to 2 1/2" diameter, square tubing up to 1 1/2", and up to 2" Schedule 40 pipe.


Built-in degree indicator makes it simple to make accurate, repeatable bends. Anti-Springback locking lever for better bend control.

Heavy-duty construction - 1" x 8" frame bolts, frame and drive arms are CNC machined from 1" and 3/4" steel plate.

Engineered To Be Reliable! - Painstakingly designed to last for years in a hard working fabrication shop. The hydraulic cylinder swivels in a solid CNC machined steel block that pivots exactly at the cylinder's center, preventing side loads on the cylinder's internals. The pusher block employs a unique rotating design and a swiveling bronze wear block so that the cylinder will not experience any up or down loading.

Self Locking, Hydraulic Operation! - The Model 4 Tube Bender employs a 10 ton single acting spring return cylinder with a stroke of 10" to 14". It operates up to 4000 p.s.i. With the recommended 14" stroke cylinder, 90 degree bends can be accomplished in less than two complete strokes and 180 degree bends typically require only three strokes. The 10" stroke cylinder requires three strokes for a 90 degree bend and usually five for a 180 degree bend. During bending, neither the die set nor the workpiece needs to be reset or touched in any way until the bending operation is complete. Using the spring loaded anti-springback lever, the Model 4 will lock the workpiece in position when the cylinder needs to be advanced to the next stroke position, therefore not allowing the workpiece to relax or shift in the bender. This makes possible much tighter radius bends in thinner wall material then can be accomplished on competing benders. Using a 14" stroke cylinder, the first bend stroke can be up to approximately 60 degrees. The second stroke will go to approximately 126 degrees. Bending speed is dependent upon the strength of the material being bent. Usually 6 to 10 degrees of bend per second will be realized. The 14" stroke cylinder takes 8 to 9 seconds to return from full extension. Add it all up and a typical 90 degree bend will take an effortless 20 to 25 seconds, depending on the operator's skill level. Note: Since the pump used in the Model 4 is extremely popular, you may already have it. If so you wouldn't need to purchase the hydraulic pump. If you have any questions in regard to this please call for assistance.


For $1195, the Model 4 Bender Includes:

1. Bender

2. Cylinder

The Model 4 Bender does not include a pump which will need to be purchased separately. We offer both air/hydraulic and electric pumps.