• No Press Brake, No Problems Butterfly Chair

    No Press Brake, No Problems Butterfly Chair

    Christine makes a butterfly chair! Tres chic!
  • Women That Fab - Christine's First Project

    Women That Fab - Christine's First Project

    Join Christine in her first project. Ever. A wreath!
  • Women that Fab - An Introduction

    Women that Fab - An Introduction

    Get to know Christine and the new project here at JD Squared - Women that Fab!
  • New Live!

    New Live!

    Welcome to JD Squared’s new website!

    About a month ago, our former site had some technical difficulties that removed the check out functionality. Thank you for bearing with us during this time. We do understand that online checkout is a necessary convenience and that calling to place an order is not always ideal. However, we knew that there was an opportunity here and instead of patching together the old site, we decided to build a brand new site with more features.

    You will find that you are required to change your password on first log in but your account still exists. If your account does not exist, there was most likely an error. We were forced to remove accounts that had issues such as instead of

    In addition to retaining your existing information, we are also adding order tracking. In the past, once the order was transmitted to our sales team, we were not able to update status back to the web. This site allows us to do that. It is not currently functional because we did not want to wait to release the site for a feature we never had before, but it is coming.

    We hope you enjoy the new experience and please let us know of any issues you come across by emailing or calling 423-979-0309.