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Current lead times:

Die Sets not in stock (2 Weeks).
Model 3 Bender (2-3 Weeks).
Model 32 Bender (3 Weeks).
Model 4 Bender (3 Weeks).
Notchers (3 Weeks).
Electric / Hydraulic Pumps (1-2 Weeks).
Hydraulic Cylinders (1-2 days).

Model 52 Bender is approximately (2-3 weeks).
Model 54 Bender is (3 weeks).
HP-110 Horizontal Press (5 weeks).

Please be aware that we may ship items in multiple shipments in order to get them to you as fast as possible. If you need anything faster than our current posted lead times, please contact customer service at 423-979-0309 and they may be able to assist you with rushing your order. 

HP-100 Videos and Pictures

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HP-100 Videos and Pictures

HP-100 Videos and Pictures

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The latest HP-110 Videos coming soon!

Introduction to the HP-100

Structure of the HP-100

HP-100 Hydraulic System

This is an overview of the standard hydraulic system inthe HP-100. For a video demonstrating the accuracy of the standard hydraulics(not including the proportional valve), please see the below video “Repeatability/Accuracyof the HP-100 with standard hydraulics”

HP-100 Tooling

HP-100 Controller

Repeatability/Accuracy of the HP-100 with standard hydraulics

This video demonstrates the accuracy and repeatabilityof the HP-100 with the standard hydraulic system. The accuracy is stated at.002”-.003” with the standard system. An upgrade is available to a proportionalvalve which will increase accuracy to .001”, however, this is not required inmost applications and opting for the standard system will save thousands ofdollars. 

Updating the HP-100 in the Field

The Manufacturing Process:

The 850 lb. frame weldment fresh from machining on it's way to finishing. The top plate is machined from 2 1/2" (62.5mm) thick steel, unlike others on the market which are only 1" thick. The 7" tall main ribs made from 5/8" thick steel combined with the 5/8" thick bottom plate yield incredible rigidity. The entire frame is machined in a single setup to obtain the best possible precision and squareness of it's critical surfaces. 

The parts after laser cutting, machining and bending.

Set up for welding on the rotisserie designed specifically for the production of this product.

Bases are powder coated! Assembly is next!