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Die Sets not in stock (2 Weeks).
Model 3 Bender (1-2 Weeks).
Model 32 Bender (2-3 Weeks).
Model 4 Bender (3 Weeks).
Notchers (2-3 Weeks).
Electric / Hydraulic Pumps (1-2 Weeks).
Hydraulic Cylinders (1-2 days).

Model 52 Bender is approximately (2 weeks).
Model 54 Bender is (2 weeks).
HP-110 Horizontal Press (5 weeks).

Please be aware that we may ship items in multiple shipments in order to get them to you as fast as possible. If you need anything faster than our current posted lead times, please contact customer service at 423-979-0309 and they may be able to assist you with rushing your order. 

HP-100 Horizontal Press

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HP-100 Horizontal Press

HP-110 Horizontal Press

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    Heavy duty steel construction. The HP-110 weighs 1800 lbs crated. The top plate is machined from 2 1/2" thick steel.

    No center slot in the table top. This eliminates problems with parts falling through into the machine and a potentially harmful crush point.

    Dual 3" post design for increased accuracy & squareness during press operations. lncludes one 3" post and two 2" post.

    A USA made 18.85 ton hydraulic cylinder custom built to JD Squared's specifications by Parker or Vickers is powered by a 5 h.p. motor and is supplied by a 14 gallon hydraulic tank. JD Squared has had the cylinder custom made in order to provide additional features such as wear bands which have 20 times the load capacity as compared to a standard NFPA industrial cylinder. 

    High accuracy. The HP-110 incorporates non-contact linear magnetic encoders on all axis. These devices are usually found machines in the $100,000 plus range. The encoder's resolution is 5 microns (.005 mm, .000196"). 

    Proportional valve now comes standard with your HP-110.

    CNC control system utilizes multi-processor electronics.

    The 10" touch screen monitor with Windows 7 Embedded computer. The touch screen handles the user interface and another processor board handles the machine's actual operation.

    Full on-screen CNC programming. When in auto mode, the HP-110 executes a user written program. This programming language is versatile and very easy to understand. For instance, RT=3.1 tells the machine to move the ram to a target of 3.1". The command SOUND[hello.wav] instructs the machine to play that sound file on its built in speaker. Operators can create their own sound files and simply copy them to the usb stick. Future plans include adding commands to interface with robots, control external devices, etc.

    As the machine operates, the current command is highlighted in yellow. You can also see the command before it and 2-3 commands after.

    • Built in calculator.

    4+ gigabytes of storage capacity. You can easily load and save over 1,000,000 programs.

    User interface is easily updated from files downloaded from our web site. As we add more features to the HP-110 you'll be able to update your machine to the latest version at absolutely no extra cost.

    Large selection of standard tooling and custom tooling is also available. Please call for quote.

Factory direct price - Please call for current pricing. (Payments by credit card, are subject to the credit card company's fee currently 3.0%)

 If you are interested in ordering, please contact our sales departmental 423-979-0309 for current lead times. Available Factory Direct Only.